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Thread: CX Nutes in NFT

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    Default CX Nutes in NFT

    Hi all!

    I've recently swapped from Canna range to CX nutrients, basically local grow shop convinced me

    Does anyone used CX with NFT and would like to share experience?
    CX table seems to give you really high ppm dose even in the early veg....

    I've started on like 1/4 of a dose and got these periods of something that looks like iron deficiency.
    PH goes up and down like crazy but most of the time stays within the healthy range.

    On the other hand plant looks really good, and I love the plain/blue colour of the mix so I can see roots real shade.

    Anyone with CX?



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    I'm using a few of their additives (regen-a-root, mighty grow enhancer, mighty bloom enhancer and head masta), bought some samples on impulse and use them alongside my Advanced Nutrients base nutes (i'm on pH perfect). Had no problems so far but i've been pretty careful with them as I don't pH with the pH perfect range from AN.

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    Hi.I use CX in NFT, and completely do not know what's going on with Ph. Sometimes It jumps from 6.0 to 4.2 only in one day. Ppm around 550-600, healthy plant, 7th week of veg, someone has any idea what could be the reason for such fluctuations of ph


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