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Thread: Stardawg and purple stem?????

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    Default Answered: Stardawg and purple stem?????

    Hi all,

    I am currently into the 3rd week of flower and I have noticed last night that the stems are turning purple, not full purple but like purple stripes, and was wondering if anyone has seen this before with stardawg?

    I have been doing some reading and found it could be a number of reasons; genetics, stress, too cold at night, water too cold, magnesium deficiency.

    As it goes the rest of the plants and leaves are looking good, with the first signs of flower showing.

    I have ruled out the temps as a cause because the water is just outside the room and is warmer than room temperature due to this current hot weather, and the lights are on at night and so dark hours are during the day, so cant be too cold. Also temps are reading 27-26°.

    If it is down to genetics, and I hope it is, then thats OK. These are cuttings that have come from I dont know where, but a good source I believe.

    With regards to stress, this could be a possibility but Im not 100% on details. All I know is that I flipped them just over 2 weeks ago and when we set the timer everything was correct and clicked off. I also remember hearing it click on while preparing a feed and waiting for the correct time to enter the room. However, at some point in those 2 weeks the timer was switched to constant and was not switched back to timer, which I noticed 1 week and 5 days in. Im not assigning blame but accepting that its happend and correcting it. I cannot be sure but I think the lights may have been on 24hrs for a full 5-7 days before being flipped back. So 1 week 12/12, 1 week 24hrs, now back to 12/12. If that didnt stress them then nothing will. I cant be sure of the exact time but the female hair had started to show and so must have started the flowering process at least. And like I said, the first signs of flowers are showing now so hopefully not too much damage done.

    The other possibility being a magnesium deficiency I have read shouldn't be a problem if using proper feed made for the job. We are using Dutch Pro products, and calmag. We add the feed into a 200l reservoir and hand feed.

    The issue here is we added Multi Total to our feed every week when the chart says every other week, and in addition to this we have continued to look at week 1 which is 200ml (400ml/200l), so double the amount after week one which should be 100ml (200ml/200l), and twice as often (every week).

    Reading up on Multi Total I dont think we have done much harm, and possibly countered it by keeping our EC down at 1.6, were as on the chart it recommends 2.0, 2.2, 2.3 in weeks 1-3 flower.

    We are now on the correct schedule and have stopped with the Take Root, and have added the first 100ml/200l of Explode... and they have litterally Booooomed! But after the next feed and end of this reservoir we will give them one feed of just water to flush out the roots and give them a little break for a few days, by way of an apology lol. And hopefully they will repay us with nice healthy growth .

    The only other thing I was questioning was the air flow, as we have had to turn off 2 lights to maintain the temps, but which means we have far too many sandwiched in per sq mtr and because they are growing rapidly it is getting very dense. I have ordered an AC to help and hopefully get the 2 lights back on, but delivery is not due for a week. Whether or not this would cause purple stems... I dont know.

    Any insight appreciated.

    Thanks ✌
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  2. "since it's now in flower your plants need high doses of ''phosphorus''
    purple/red stems in flower is usually a sign of a phosphorus deficiency,
    this is the reason why people add a P-K booster in mid flower

    it can also be a genetic thing, gsc tends to purple up from mid flower on,
    it's not a major problem unless the leaves are yellowing and falling off,"

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    since it's now in flower your plants need high doses of ''phosphorus''
    purple/red stems in flower is usually a sign of a phosphorus deficiency,
    this is the reason why people add a P-K booster in mid flower

    it can also be a genetic thing, gsc tends to purple up from mid flower on,
    it's not a major problem unless the leaves are yellowing and falling off,

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    As said I think it's strain dependent. The exodus cheese goes really purple on the stems. Maybe joker will pop in because he is growing the stardawg too ✌
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    Maybe it’s the purple Stardawg pheno you have as there’s plenty of those going about and they do like to kick out the colour

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    I have some purple stardawg cuttings and they are the same.

    Can’t wait to get them going

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