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Thread: Looking for new dry herb vape?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UpT0wnSkunk View Post
    Glad its working out for you. Is it common fact you can use the vaped weed for edibles? Free buzz ��

    If you've got a machine that will let you play with the temps enough you can vape it twice before you cook with it. Second vape does not taste too hot but its handy in a pinch!

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    I bought the storz and bickel mighty and abolutly love it, i haven't fully started using it and i love my spliffs. It has a long battery life, i'd say 2 hours on 200c and has an auto shutdown so you don't drain the battery if you fall asleep.


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    We started with the arizer eq tabletop vape. it had whips and could also be used with bags, very nice for big groups. Now i'm using a dynavap m because of no batteries or plug ins needed and it is very discreet. just a torch lighter needed. check them out, both are very nice.

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