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Thread: Paradise Seeds - White Widow

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    Default Paradise Seeds - White Widow

    Breeder: Paradise Seeds

    Strain: White Widow

    Clone or Seed: Seed

    Weeks of vegative growth: 5 Weeks

    Weeks of flower: 8.5 weeks

    Lighting used: 450 Watts of CFL (Barn Reflectors) during Veg - 600w HPS (Cool Tube) in flower

    Pot size: 11ltr Square Wilma

    Medium: Canna Terra Pro, Dutch Pro Nutrients

    Grow space: 60x90x90 (Veg) 90x90x180 (Flower)

    Plant size: 3ft (900mm)

    Smell: Flowering, slightly spicy/fruity aroma. Jarred, Very pungent lemony/fruity aroma

    Bud density: Very dense, even more so if left a few days extra

    Yield: Purposely kept small due to tent size 104.3g

    Curing time: 7 days drying, lasted a month jarred until I smoked it all

    Smoke Report: Very nice smoke, lemon/mango fruity, also got a bit of mint but that might have just been me. 2 hour or so initial lifting buzz (with hints of childish stupidity followed by a couple of hours less intense stupidity. Haven't had a smoke like it in 20 odd years. Will definitely grow again...

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