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Thread: Vaping or smoking marijuana

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    Default Vaping or smoking marijuana

    I faced the problem of anxiety 2 years ago. Recently I was prescribed medical marijuana, and I’m thinking about vaping it instead of smoking marijuana because I’m afraid that as a former cigarettes smoker I’ll return to smoking again. I compared the pros and cons of each way using the information, that I found on VapingDaily, and want to try vaping.
    What do you think about this? Maybe someone has personal experience?

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    I've been off the cigarettes 4-5 years. The funny thing about the body is how it adapts. As a smoker, the love for the devil sticks ran deep. Now, I despise tobacco.

    Few months back I was having regular joints with the missus. For one, tobacco just instantly ruines the flavour for me, tastes like poison. I'd get all this random tastes like plastic burning and all sorts of other random sthuff. But in saying that, after a month or so I could feel the body craving tobacco. Something that was easy to nip in the bud but it's a dangerous game to play around with the devil's sticks. How many times have your heard a smoker say one more? Which I have been guilty off

    I'd get people to do a smell test. Smell the weed, smell the tobacco. It's like nature is telling us which is the obvious choice.

    I can smoke a blunt, bong, pipe etc and never get any urges for a cigarette. Tbh though I'd rather hit the vaporizer. It's cleaner, kinder to the body and your left with dry weed you can use again.

    I'm sure you can feel the difference with your breathing, chest etc. It's not something I'd go back too and I'd chance you'd be the same.

    Stay strong bro.
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    the less burnt stuff that goes into your lungs has to be better shirley.

    vaping ftw

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