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    Strain: Big Buddhas Blue Cheese

    Clone or Seed: Seed

    Weeks of vegetative growth: 4-5 Weeks

    Weeks of flower: 10 ( Estimated 8-9, but its good to push a little longer)

    Lighting used: 400w MH Veg, 600W HPS for flower

    Pot size: 10L Airpots

    Medium: Canna Coco Professional

    Grow space: 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m Grow tent

    Plant size: Medium ( By choice, big for their short veg time)

    Smell: Amazingly refreshing. Thick and rich with a pungent sweet blueberry aroma that really makes your mouth water.

    Bud density: Perfect density. Real good dense nugs, that fluff out beautifully when crushed for smoking.

    Yield: 21.5 oz

    Curing time: She was good to smoke after five days, even though she was fresh those smaller buds were still tasty. I took around 10 days for the cheese to dry out to the extent where it could go into jars. And the cured for a further 2 weeks in air tight jars, burped daily. Though the blue cheese is good from when its dry, the cure really enhances everything. The flavour and high, the sweetness. It is all bought out so much more when you spend the time to cure.

    Smoke Report: Blue cheese has always been, and always will be one of my favourite smokes! The taste, the high, the texture of that smooth, sweet smoke. The density of the nugs, and the way it fluffs out perfectly between the fingers for smoking. There is no other weed that can compare to blue cheese, especially the Big Buddha variety! When I first started growing, many years ago, one of my early crops was Big Buddhas Blue Cheese. The whole experience, from popping the seed, to smoking the last gram was amazing, and is part of the reason why I love growing so much now.

    This plant is perfect, for the beginner, and for the professional, and everyone who has tried it, knows it. She can handle anything you throw at her. Top multiple times, she loves it, super crop her? No problem, watch her buff out! She is hardy against temperatures, but make sure you watch the temps during stretch! If its too cold at "night", she will stretch a lot and treble in size in 2 weeks! These best results I achieved from Big Buddhas Blue cheese, was 23 Oz between 4 plants, from a 4/5 week veg. They were grown in coco, topped once, and the trained into a screen, under 600w HPS. Just a standard grow setup. The results were amazing. So Blue Cheese is my go to strain, to smoke, and to grow, and anyone who is new to growing asking for recommendations is always pointed in the direction of blue cheese.

    My last crop was of Big Buddhas Blue Cheese. I had some time out growing, and when I came back, I knew what strain I was going to start with, and she was, well still is pukka! I had a few plants, and each one varied slightly with its own smell and flavour. But all had that familiar Blue Cheese smell. Pungent and ripe, its like you can taste the sweetness before you even smoke it mmmmm. There is an old school thick flavour that comes with the smooth creamy smoke, piney, refreshing, with a massive taste of the classic Blueberry.

    Along with the amazing flavour of the blue cheese, the high is perfect! After being cooked until trichomes are around 10-15% amber, you'll have a beautiful high. It starts off light, brings euphoria, creativity, and an aftertaste that doesn't come with any other weed but blue cheese. After a while as the high settles, you feel the couch lock coming in, and a weed nap may be on the cards. You could really just smoke this weed all day, you'll be high as fuck, but not stoned unless you take it too far and toke a bit too much before the high really settles. Take it easy and you can really enjoy and appreciate the quality of this strain, and the work that has been put in to create it. Big Buddha really did out do themselves with these genetics, I look forward to my next crop of blue cheese, and of course only of the Big Buddha variety

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