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Thread: CFL warm white to HPS Dual Spectrum for flowering

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    Default CFL warm white to HPS Dual Spectrum for flowering

    Growing (2 months old) 4 AK48 autoflowers with the 4X45W cfl warm whites. Is it ok to switch to 250W dual HPS? I mean before it was only soft whites, but now dual lights?

    P.S. Yes, strange setup but that was/is the only option.

    P.P.S. The 45W CFL soft white says 3080 lumens on the package, but HPS dont say anything about the lumens. How much lumen is 250W dual spectrum?
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    I'd personally put the hps in if its an option. Gotta be better than cfls based on all my reading. I'm flowering with cfl but would use anything else if I had the height needed. Not that I'm complaining about the job they've done, it just seems common knowledge that they're not as good as other options. Find a light chart post and start the hps at max distance and slowly move it closer to the ideal height over a few days I reckon.

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    the hps will blow the cfl outta the water, id definitely swap em over
    cfl's are great veg lights but you can't beat hps for flower

    the lumen output is 32,000 for the hps vs 12,320 for the cfl

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