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    Default DR120 kit

    Ok time to start shopping, was looking at this grow kit from greens.

    1 X Secret Jardin DR120 Rev 3 grow tent measuring 120cm X 120cm X 200cm

    1 x CAN RK150 inline fan (with 4m power lead included)

    1 x Rhino Pro Filter 150/3001 x 5m of 150mm Acoustic Ducting (with 3 ducting clips and 3 heavy duty cable ties)

    1 X Parabolic 100cm Reflector1 X Maxibright iPac Pro 600W Ballast1 X Sunmaster 600W Dual Spectrum lamp

    1 X Pair of Easy-Rolls

    1 X Heavy Duty Timer

    1 X Secret Jardin Monkey Fan

    This kit does not seem to include a contactor relay, will I need one for a 600w light?

    Will also purchase a 400w mh bulb for veg, can I use this straight after germination? Before I used to start my grow under florescent think it was a t5 coolfire, no longer have that equipment and I am trying to keep the cost down.

    For a fan controller I was looking at the Variispeed, will a passive intake do the job or should I get an intake fan as well?

    Growing media was thinking of using biobiz all mix soil and nutrients, had luck with it in the past, if any can suggest a better media and a link to a guide to go with it that would be great.

    Decided to go with non auto fem seeds be begin with, going to veg 4 plants for around 6 weeks, what size of pots should I use for the veg and flower stages.

    Will also need a get something to measure temp and humidity.

    Thinks that's everything I needs to get started, if you can see anything I have missed please let me know, and apologies for so many questions.

    Now a quick trip down the street to buy some black out curtians for my spare room

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    Hey dude, the kits sounds pretty good to be fair, & the choices you've made are also good. I think you will struggle to veg 4 plants for 6 weeks in a 1.2m tent though, unless you are in 2 litre pots. If you plan on doing 4 plants, I would go with 10 litre pots & cut the veg time to 4 weeks. You should top the plants once they reach their 4th true set of leaves & train then to keep the canopy level. You will also need to get a dimmable ballast if you plan to use a 400w for the veg stage.
    I use my 600w straight from seed & never have any issues.
    You can pick up a decent hygrometer on ebay for a few pounds, this will give you the readings you need.
    Get yourself a couple of 5 litre water bottles from a supermarket, I used to use them for mixing nutrients, easy to work with.
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    Thanks will veg 4 for 4 weeks then, do you think I should start the seedling in 10 litre pots then, or start smaller then transplant?

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