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    Default cannabis suppositories guide

    ok people i found this handy guide on the net that might help people its not my work but found it a good guide

    There are situations in which someone may think about using cannabis suppositories rather than ingesting or inhaling marijuana or its products. If you don’t already know, all suppositories have a bullet shape and are oil-based. They are generally used vaginally and rectally. If you suffer from nausea and vomiting and it is difficult to keep medicine down, then you would consider cannabis suppositories. In addition, if you have or know someone with menstrual cramps suppositories could reduce the pain. If you had a tumor and wanted to treat it with high THC content, then cannabis suppositories would work best without giving you an incredible high.

    The Alternative

    There is not much data on the uses of cannabis suppositories, but we know that most suppository administration are safe and it is a simple and easy alternative for using medical cannabis. Now, how do you make cannabis suppositories right from the comfort of your home? Well, it is quite easy and you would be surprised at the simple process and method. Let’s now take a look at the required steps for making cannabis suppositories and preparation of the ingredients.

    The Ingredients

    Most areas of the country have no available cannabis suppository supply in the commercial world. However, you do not have to rely on commercial provision because you can make your own cannabis suppositories right from the comfort of your own home. It probably will be more affordable and moreover, the ingredients are easy to find and prepare. Let’s get started with all the items necessary:

    Scale, which measures milligrams
    Coconut oil that is solid when at room temperature
    Cannabis solid extract, highly concentrated with knowledge of the level of THC
    Measuring cup
    Plastic wrap
    Big straws
    Rubber bands
    Funnel to fit inside the straws
    Be cautious: before cooking, to be mindful of your objective and goal, which should be making sure that your milligram calculation of cannabis is accurate for using in each suppository. The cannabis solid extract that you are using should not be 100% THC level.

    Let us use some numbers to get an example. Let’s say that you want the does to be 10mg and your cannabis solid extract is about 80% THC content. To received 10mg THC from the cannabis solid extract, your solid extract should be 12.5mg. The formula would be 10 divided by 0.8. You can put any value into this formula to get the results you need.

    The Recipe

    It will be a little challenging to measure 12.5 mg of cannabis solid extract (shatter). Because it is a small amount, most of the tools you should use are not as sensitive to handling it effectively. This includes the scale. This does not have to be such a challenge. Just start by making four cannabis suppositories first to see how they come out. There are several simple steps to follow:

    Use the scale to measure eight grams of coconut oil. This will give you four cannabis suppositories, which is two grams for each. Make sure that you place wax paper on the scale to avoid a mess
    Make sure that the scale begins at zero. Do that by pressing the ‘tare button.’
    After measuring the coconut oil, put it into a measuring cup.
    Put new wax paper on your scale and then press the ‘tare button’ again.
    Measure 50 mg of cannabis solid extract (shatter)
    Put the 50 mg of cannabis solid extract into the measuring cup with the coconut oil
    Make room for it in your freezer
    Use four straws, close the end of each of them using plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band
    Put the measuring cup on the stove over a burner and slowly heat until your coconut oil turns to liquid. Stir it until the cannabis solid extract is dissolved into the coconut oil
    Allow the mixture to partially cool
    Use the funnel and pour the lukewarm oil into the straws, filling them with the same amount to get the accurate dosage
    Put the now filled straws in the freezer, ensuring that they are positioned in a vertical position so they don’t leak out. Within an hour, these should be hard enough to take out of the freezer for use
    Once your cannabis suppositories are made, you can use them right away, but for them to be effective, continue to lay down once administered so it can take effect. If you want to learn more about cannabis suppositories

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    also found out this is one of the best things to make it with as its good for the body and easily melts at body temp


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