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Thread: New grow advice on setup [emoji3]

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    Default New grow advice on setup

    Hi guys I am currently planning a indoor soil setup. I live alone in my house so I have little issues that side but I have to use a tent due to not having enough free space. It’s not my first time but it’s been a long time since my last. I have grown with CFL and also HPS in the past but LED we’re not big back then so what’s the fav option these days?.
    Iv never used a tent before either but I’m getting a 1.2x1.2x2 tent hoping it’s enough for 4? And also a prop tent?
    I hope to get a digital ballast this time as last time I didn’t like the hum or heat so which is recommended?.
    4” extractor fan and carbon filter, I already have 20cm pots and trays? I just want to see what you all think before I purchase everything.

    I am cautious about buying the gear online for obvious reasons which happened before for buying a light 🙈 so where do you get your gear? I am visiting our only store tomorrow to see what they have.

    Thanks in advance, I just want to get it right from the offset as you can imagine👌🏼

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    Fav option for Leds seems to be invisible sun with a few staff and members doing diaries with really good results so far,
    a 1.2x1.2 and a 600w is perfect for 4, and tents come in full size and smaller propagation tents

    digital are more common since most are dimmable but nothing wrong with magnetic is money is tight

    i use amazon and GreensHydro or Growell, never had a problem

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    In the same boat, want to get it right from the offset, Greenshydro looks good and onestopgrowshop is also a good looking resource. I got my lights from Invisible sun like Monster said.


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