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    Good reliable yielding skunk hybrid.
    Grown using a modest old fashioned digi 400W mh hps coco & perlite 3:1 canna a+b

    Quite nice.
    Cropped around feb 2018 cured till July.
    Recently smoked over an ounce maybe closer to 2 ounce over a week.
    Finely chopped with sharpened kitchen cleaver...I like to chop up a good amount at a time and use it from a thin plastic freezer bag and make larger sized single sheet rizla hemp paper rolled and roached.

    High is super quick and sativa peek unfortunately fleeting after 45-1hr to leave a lovely relaxed bone cuddling comforting feeling, tapers off nicely and not excessive hunger pangs for me just morish need to taste more.
    Dont recommend for night time though...before got some tolerance was constantly craving stuff to do so not so good if you make a lot of noise (trying to be quiet) and waking next doors up.
    Morish taste...I would recommend smoking neat or with a little verbascum (verbascum thapsus) if you know where to collect some.
    Taste is earthy and very pleasantly herbal ...old fashioned to the nose afar but to the recipient should expect flavoursome cigarish and mouth watering tokes that really do make you smack the chop chops.
    I found this to be a good daytime smoke. Taste is morish like you need to chow down and appreciate the taste.

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