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Thread: Moving plants from Hydro to Soil because of root rot. Is it wise?

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    Default Moving plants from Hydro to Soil because of root rot. Is it wise?

    Hi everyone!

    This is my second post on well....any forum for that matter (first was saying Hi).

    I am from South Africa, and as you may or may not know our laws have recently been amended and finally we are able to legally grow cannabis for personal use only.

    Me being as excited as anyone would be after having been given the first green light, immediately rushed to the internet and got a basic grow tent (1.5m x 1.5m x 2m) plus a 400w HPS grow light with a basic light reflector (not hood) and went to work on 2 dwc systems with 2 air pumps feeding into each.

    With standard advanced grow, micro and bloom at recommended strengths as my nutes. PH@ 6.0

    Everything went great.

    They have matured in young adult plants and they are 1 month in veg about 2 weeks away of putting the plants in flowering.

    About 2 weeks ago...and totally at my fault disaster struck and I got root rot (my fault at not keeping temps below 22 degrees Celsius and also allowing light leaks into my res.)

    Since then I have

    1) Patched all the light leaks

    2) Kept temps below 22 degrees Celsius with Ice bottle bombs (it stayed consistent temps between 16 and 22 degrees C)

    3) Gave 50% peroxide at half strength each day diluted into the res.

    4) Rinsed the plants under tap water after having soaked them in a strong peroxide bath for 30 minutes (all from the roots downwards)

    After all this the roots cleared from all signs of root rot and I stopped for 3 days with the half dosage of peroxide n order that the plants may recover.

    After 3 days aaaannnnnddddd the root rot was back and flourishing like ever.

    I have now restarted half strength peroxide treatments (current day) and will see how it goes.

    The problem with growing in South Africa is our border control. Any item like hydroguard, piranha, great white and voodoo juice does not get through our border and if they do, they are waayyyyyyy too expensive (about half the price of my entire set up) approx 250$USD.

    My only option is peroxide(only thing available here). If I could've gone the beneficial bacteria route, then I would've.

    So considering all of the above, I have realized that full on Hydroponics in South Africa is not a feasible option at this point (until such time the beneficial bacteria products become more readily available).

    Otherwise 1 temperature spike or irregularity in the res system wil bring me more root rot

    So what I want to do is.

    1)Cut back and finally disinfect entire infected part of the root system.

    2)Transfer them in a coco coir and perlite mix (70/30) as per online recommendations and remove them from the dwc tubs.

    3) Continue to use peroxide at half strength until plants show no signs of any root rot.

    What I am scared of is

    1) The plants remaining infected in the coco mix.

    2) Losing the plants

    3) Wasting more money. (something that my already poverty stricken ass cannot do).

    My options are either to replant entire plant in coco perlite 70/30 or take cuttings and restart the grow.... or continue with the peroxide treatments on a daily basis while the plants remains in the dwc.

    What do you guys think I should do?

    Any help would greatly be appreciated. (unfortunately I cannot give PPM I don't own the meter yet)

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    Hi mate.

    Not completely sure if you can safely move your plants from hydro to coco under your specific circumstances. Someone more experienced should be able to tell you soon enough.

    You definitely need an EC pen though. It's a must-have for hydro or coco. You need to know how strong your feed is (combined with your ph).

    Best of luck!
    RDWC diary under IS quantum boards (mentored by British green)

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    Thanks man.

    Will get one as soon as I get paid!

    Lets hope for the best!

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    Anytime their is synthetic feedings, then one "MUST HAVE" an pH meter and a EC meter. That's only if you want to know what you are doing. If one doesn't have one, then one doesn't know what he or she is doing. It will be interesting to see how you pull this off. Good luck
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    Grab some cuttings and clone them then put in coco. I do dwc, and I had some algae problems at first. I starved the algae for light and sprayed with 3% peroxide directly to the roots and didn't rinse, just put back into nutrient solution after cleaning my buckets with a good rinse, 3% hydroxide, another rinse and a good dry.

    Take 4 cuttings and clone them. Put the best 2 into coco.

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