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Thread: got my first green custom tapes from heribes in 6 year of ordering.

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    Default got my first green custom tapes from heribes in 6 year of ordering.

    im not reallly worrieed about it bc i dont grow at home i guerilla grow but i got the green customs tape on my pack from them. so i went and ordered with seedsman and paid with bitcoins. i got a thctalk discount and and bitcoin discount and i all together i got a 60.41- discount. i think i willl will start ordering from seedsman from here on out. u cant beat this deal with a stick. 60 fucking dollars discount. that is unreal. looks like im growing O amneisa,delahaze,super lemon haze,chongs choics LA amnesia and pine aplle express$#2 next year and blue cindy. Dad will be growing I bulk,delhaze,gelat.OG,and he will pick a couple of the bitcoin bundle. i love the discount that seedsman gives to thctalk customer. they rock. great job seedsman for helping thctalk bro and i will aslo surrort u guys.
    and he wil
    Original Amnesia Feminised Seeds - 5 DINAOA3 1 Excl. Tax: $39.50
    Incl. Tax: $39.50
    Super Lemon Haze Feminised Seeds - 5 GHSLH-5 1 Excl. Tax: $39.71
    Incl. Tax: $39.71
    Delahaze Feminised Seeds - 3 PARA-1038-3 1 Excl. Tax: $40.85
    Incl. Tax: $40.85
    The Incredible Bulk Feminised Seeds - 1 DRKR105F-FEM 2 Excl. Tax: $23.48
    Incl. Tax: $23.48
    Discreet delivery product keep packaging KEEPPACKING 1 Excl. Tax: $17.02
    Incl. Tax: $17.02
    Pineapple Express #2 Feminised Seeds - 5 G13L-PNEX2-FEM-5 1 Excl. Tax: $43.05
    Incl. Tax: $43.05
    Incl. Tax: $0.00
    FREE - Feminised Freebies ? 3 Seedsman Jack Herer Feminised FREE-SMAN-JH 3 Excl. Tax: $0.00
    Incl. Tax: $0.00
    FREE - Feminised Freebies ? 3 Seedsman Gelat.OG Feminised FREE-SMAN-GELATO-FEM 3 Excl. Tax: $0.00
    Incl. Tax: $0.00
    FREE - FREE SEEDS from Paradise Seeds - Chongs Choice LA Amnesia Fem Worth ?8 FREE-PARA-LA-AMN 1 Excl. Tax: $0.00
    Incl. Tax: $0.00
    FREE - FREE SEEDS from G13 LABS - Blue Cindy Fem Worth ?8 FREE-G13-CINDY-FEM 1 Excl. Tax: $0.00
    Incl. Tax: $0.00
    Subtotal (Excl.Tax) $193.61
    Subtotal (Incl.Tax) $193.61
    Shipping & Handling (Excl.Tax) $9.02
    Shipping & Handling (Incl.Tax) $9.02
    Discount (10THCTALK16, 15% Off Bitcoin, Get 10% Off Your First Bitcoin Order) -$60.31
    Grand Total (Excl.Tax) $142.32
    Tax $0.00
    Grand Total (Incl.Tax) $142.32
    Points Earned 170 Loyalty Points
    Grand Total to be Charged ?125.44

    Look at that price 193.61 is hte orginal pricce and with the discount of 60 odd dollars seedsman rock. herbies needs to step up their game and grt into the comp with seedsman and sees who wins. my vote is for seeedman....goood seeedman!!!!!!
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    So what's green customs tape?

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    Yo Kyg . Did cutoms and DEA bust your door down .havent heard from you since buddy !!

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