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Thread: Is this soil worthy

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    Default Is this soil worthy


    Im near due to start a small autoflower grow

    Ive used Biobizz on a normal grow not Auto.and feom what im reading Biobizz All mix would be to strong,

    So, I've had this soil for a while but never used it, could anyone give me their opintion please,

    Also, i have some of the Easy Biobizz pellets to add to the soil b4 planting, would this make the soil 2 strong do you.think?

    So, if the soil I have is shite could someone know whats the general consensus on the better soil for Autos,

    Speak shortly,


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    Don't know about "that soil" but plant magic soil supreme + works well for my auto's, nice light and airy adding perlite to it helps even more
    It has enough food in it to last to flowering usually 4-5 weeks
    And JMO I wouldn't add any pellets as control is key
    Atb fella

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    Being fully organic . My plants did not like coco in my mixes at all . Held too much water and got into calmag probs even tho soil was tweaked nice and right . The Autos especially hated it .

    Calmag probs in organic arent a quick fix either . Well unless you buy bottled nutes wich is cheating . I dont so .....

    Use at your own risk

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    That 'potting soil' isn't soil, it is Coco
    "Man only honors what he conquers or defends."
    (Joseph Goebbels)

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    i use all-mix all the time and i can't fault it yet, just enough nitrogen to get to the end of stretch
    light-mix is for seedlings and clones only, i prefer the soil to supply my plants than feeding organic nutrients earlier

    just like trex i have had nothing but problems mixing coco with peat moss, always end up getting lock out due to ph inbalance

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