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Thread: ChemDawg - Humboldt - Grow/Smoke Report

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    Default ChemDawg - Humboldt - Grow/Smoke Report

    Strain::ChemDawg(Feminized Photoperiod)


    Clone or Seed::Seed Only

    Weeks of vegative growth::33 Days Vegetation

    Weeks of flower::11 weeks True Flower

    Lighting used::600w Hid

    Pot size::6.5lt

    Medium::Bio-Bizz All Mix

    Nutrients::Old timers Organic Range

    Grow space::1.5m x 1.5m x 2.0m

    Plant size::Medium - Doubled it's Veg size

    Smell::Pure chemical stink but with sweet hint also

    Bud density::Heavy


    Curing time::1 week only

    Smoke Report::Can't get enough when smokes, The high is all in the head that mellows

    Effect/Buzz::Has to be tried

    Taste::Pure Chemical stink with fuel/sour tones also


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    I like this strain ,I've grown it out a few times now and currently about to flip it again ..

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