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Thread: problems with seedlings!

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    Default problems with seedlings!

    hey guys i usally grow in promix HP start in solo cups i water them in untill run off then plant my seeds and then usally wait about 7-8 days to water again at this point i usally just add maybe a shot glass of water per solo cup and i still have issues droopy leaves slow growth it feels like my temp is 24-25 and the rh sits at 35-40% im under T5 lights two 2 ft once i only start 6 plants at max at a time they are in a little tent with clip on fan they lways pop and look great after the 3-4 day mark then they always start going down hill ish im wondering if i would have better results starting them in pro mix seed starter mix and don't add any food untill they start paleing up who thinks this is a much better idea?? i usally add water for the first 2-3 weeks then slowly add my a and b grow but i feel the seed starter mix is probably a better option no?? it is organic and i use advanced nutes which are synthetic should this still be ok seeing as i wont add any untill they need them?? then i will transplant them into my normal hp promix and do as i usually do?? please please help i thought it was over watering issue but theres just noway im thinking the promix hp is just to weak to start them strong
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    a shot glass of water per cup might be the problem, roots won't grow into dry medium and the leaves wilt downwards and are paperie thin vs overwatered and bloated thick leaves,
    i start it soil in small starter pots but i always rePot once they show true leaves,

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    Well I've just had similar slow growth with humidity at 35%
    And as soon as I got my room humidity to 60-70% my auto
    seedling started growing again
    With thanks to the usual suspects here
    Atb mate

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