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Thread: DIY rockwool question

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    Default DIY rockwool question

    Hey folks!

    I've been dabbling with growing media and I've found rockwool suits my needs the best. However, there's a problem.

    I'm in India and rockwool cubes are astonishingly expensive here (close to $50 for a 24 pack of 1 inch cubes)

    I've found a workaround and buy the slabs directly and diy the cubes.

    Now, the problem is I don't know what type is required. I have light, medium and heavy bonded.

    Could anyone who uses the cubes for hydroponics let me know which kind is used?

    If it helps, light bond feels dry and crispy, and breaks apart on folding even the slightest. Heavy bond feels like a thick felt sheet and medium bond is closer to a foam.


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    Good question that I have no idea.... but @British green may know
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    As I've always brought rock wool cubes, cut and ready to go into trays this has me a little stumbled but I'd hazard a guess at medium density. You don't want anything that's going to fall apart and break up but you want something to allow air into the roots and ya want ya roots to run freely through the rock wool.
    Sorry I cannot be of more help atm
    I will look into this and get back to you

    in a green and pleasant land

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    light or medium bonded are ok because your plants need oxygen and roots required free movement to grow in a rockwool cube.
    Use coco coir it is easily available in INDIA.

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