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Thread: What's everyone growing this year?

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    Don't tell me you want me to list all the plants in my 1 acre garden?

    @Petal, when did you plant those bad boys to be harvesting now already?

    Here's a few annual veg things I've got going at the moment:
    Garlic, enough to get through a vampire invasion
    Broadbeans, too many because I don't even like them but a great protein source to stuff the freezer with in case SHTF

    In terms of perennials I have most of the usual suspects that can be found in a Mediterranean garden.
    Olive trees, pomegranates, almonds, figs, grapes, passionfruit, carob trees and my favorite: white mulberry.

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    Currently, cucumber, purple carrot, regular carrots, strawberries, onion, spring onion annnnd sprouts (not that I like them I just wanted to grow some out, sure ill find someone to eat them though

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