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Thread: New California Marijuana Grower Out of the SF Bay Area

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    Cool New California Marijuana Grower Out of the SF Bay Area

    Yo what's up everyone! My name is Tom and I've been growing this beautiful miracle plant Marijuana. I've had a fascination with the plant since before I even remember my mom has a bunch of poloroid pictures of me as a baby crawling around in the dirt by the trunk of these huge trees my dad was growing at the time. He said I used to throw a fit if I wasn't the one who poured out the water to feed the plants being a baby and all he would set it up for me to just push over and then I would crawl to the next plant over and wait for my next can to push over. Anyways long story short growings been in the family and I couldn't wait to start myself especially after I smoked it for the first time when I was 8. Maybe will continue this life's journey some other time. This year is my first year at a new house new backyard gotta start everything from scratch but that's ok cause that's what we live for growing is my passion and im so happy I live in a state where I can be completely open about my interests and stay on the right side of the law doing it. I have 9 from seed starters about a month into their life cycle and depending on what that number diminishes to after pulling males then I got quite a bit of extras starting up for back ups. Will post some updates and pictures here soon as I get this site down completely. Thanks for listening guys and im glad to be a part of your community.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum Medicatedtom420, nice story and to read a little of your background..congratz on the legality where you live, it's a dream we all wish for

    Look forward to seeing some monsters growing in your backyard!

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