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Thread: Crazy unsolvable problem

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    Default Crazy unsolvable problem

    Hi everybody
    This is my first post and I hope somebody can rescue me from my cannabis hell.

    First of all I'm not a newbie at growing. I grew awesome healthy crops for probably 25 years without a problem I couldn't solve
    I've had and dealt with everything from mites to mildew to bud rot. I've had problems along the way but always quickly figured them out and moved on.
    That is not the case for my latest problem which has been causing unhealthy plants and destroying my yields for nearly 2 years now

    Since it began I have tried everything to try and pinpoint the problem. BTW this is an indoor grow problem
    I have tried different rooms, different strains, different foods, different grow methods (hydro and soil), changed everything that comes into contact with the plants and nothing helps
    I even have the problem in different grow rooms with different conditions like temp and humidity
    I monitor and control humidity, have plenty of ventilation and temps rarely go above 95 degrees F and are nowhere close to that hot in the winter when I also have the problem

    Here's the weird part, my plants in every case are always 100% perfectly healthy throughout the veg cycle and the first 2 weeks of budding, then in the 3rd to fourth week, exactly, everything goes to hell, Usually starts with many spots on the leaves which I've read is a ph prob, but I always monitor carefully (w/chemicals & pen). From that point on the plants just get worse and worse until done
    The bud time is unaffected but the yield is probably 40% of what it should be, if I'm lucky
    I will post pics
    If you think it's a nute prob, I've ruled that out as it happens in soil before any nutes are ever added
    There are no bugs, I've even looked with a microscope, although I do seem to have a lot of springtails in my runoff sometime but everyone says they are harmless
    The rootball is always perfectly healthy looking at harvest, nice and white

    I think the two biggest clues are the timing, it always begins in the second to third week of budding and the pics (which I will post) of some sort of what looks like calcium deposits on the underside
    of affected leaves when viewed under a microscope

    I've had people suggest problems like ph, bad water and stuff like that, but why would the plants only be affected in the 3rd week of budding if my water is bad the whole time? Besides my ec meter
    says my dissolved solids are only about 250ppm which is perfectly normal

    Every crop comes up so healthy that I think "it won't happen this time" but it does, every single time
    I somehow went from being a green thumb pro for decades to a guy who won't show his pathetic plants to anyone, they are literally embarrassing

    It is so damn depressing every time
    Somebody please help

    Ooooops Looks like I'm not allowed to post pics so that's not gonna help any

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    I really can't see anybody helping with this if i can't post pics

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