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Thread: update 1 month later

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    Default update 1 month later

    Hello everyone

    So 1 month ago I posted a thread about my autos turning into hermies, well good news is, they havent turned hermies atleast not so far, im aproaching day 68 by the end of next week, the 2 WW are filled with buds and about 30 to 40 % of their pistils is turning from white to Orange. So I have a question for you master growers out there to help me out.
    I'm not sure when to harvest them, Should I harvest on day 75 or 85?(I dont have a microscope or nothing like that to inspect the trichomes) RQS says their harvest ready between day 75 to 85.

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    Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is by using a loupe/mini microscope with a magnification of 60x. They are really,really cheap on ebay/amazon etc. Congrats that you are nearly there though!

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    How do planet brother first of all take what the seed companies say with a large pinch of salt mate because 90% of the time you will go a week or two over what they say Kurdt is right mate the only sure fire way of getting your harvest time right is by using a loupe or mini scope to check your trichs, a mini clip on scope to use with your mobile is only 3 or 4 quid off of Ebay mukka, don't go off the pistils you would only be robbing yourself, all the best bro' G'.

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