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Thread: Cannot upload photos, no matter how I try to go about it

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    Default Cannot upload photos, no matter how I try to go about it

    I'm a new user, trying to follow all the rules and guidelines. After my best efforts, I am still unable to upload any photos.

    My first attempt was from within a new post. Able to choose the files (one at a time), but the upload button acts like something is about to happen - then, nothing. No photos appear in the upper pane from which they're supposed to be dragged to the lower button.

    While trying to solve that problem, I encountered a post suggesting that an easy way is to add a photo album in my profile. So, I did create an album with title, description, etc. But clicking the 'upload photos' button produces a page not found 404 error.

    My whole purpose (at the present time) in joining this forum was to be able to post photos of my problem along with a post describing the conditions. Without the photos, the effectiveness of the post will be reduced to near worthlessness!

    What must I do to upload photos here???

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    Not our finest day for pics mate

    We swapped over to https earlier & attachments all seem to be 404'ing... it's been reported & we are waiting for a resolution...

    Whilst this is something I wouldn't normally recommend, use an external image host such as & use their BBCode linked full to embed the pic in your post... I say, not our finest day
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    Must be so frustrating dude if you are doing everything correctly and still having problems hopefully mc's suggestion helps!

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