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Thread: Are my lights to close? They are seedlings

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    Default Are my lights to close? They are seedlings

    Hi just a quick few questions as I’m a first timer and want to make sure I’m doing okay, I have 2 600w lamps in my room, only using one at the min as they are only seedlings, they are about 2.5 foot away from the top of the plants, the leaves are starting to point up towards the light just want to make sure this is healthy, also the temperature is currently at 29 degrees I’ve read online some say 26 is highest and some say 30 so can be quite confusing, also the water for feeding is just normal tap water and I have not changed the ph level yet? Any advice would be so helpful, thanks, I’ve tried to uploads pics but can’t seem to do it

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    600w HPS or LED?
    Feeding depends on the grow type (soil/coco/hydro)
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