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Thread: PLEASE HELP!!! Sulfur or Boron deficiency, or what else...??

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    The 40th parallel is brilliant but as it stands, they're only getting 7 hours of light a day...5 hours short of a grow room flowering time for a fem.

    There's probably not a lot in it, but they also aren't all receiving the same sun through the sunburn experiences tells me that the sun in the morning is different to that in the hour difference over just 7 hours is 14%...and over 4 months, that will be significant....unless you rotate the pots?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ban taku View Post
    I have a soil pH tester, which is not much sophisticated - its meter goes by 0.5 points - but I get readings like 6.5 or 7 at the bottom of the pot (I made a small hole in it to be able to check it). I will try and get just enough water to get a small runoff also. Tomorrow I will get her one dose of Epsom salts, I last watered on 8/16.

    Those white specks are not from spider mites, but from a product (litotamnius) which is powdered rock who obstacles the munching of caterpillars. I tried it some days ago, but it looks awful and it is not clear how long it will stick (I cleaned the leaves one by one). will not use it anymore.
    Your ph should be fine then. Also you only need 5 hours of Sun A day to make for A good outdoor grow. From what I have been reading 5 hours A day would be equal as to the 12 hours of light you get in A tent, so I see no problem there.

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