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Thread: LED PC case growing with TheLastRebel

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    small plantation outside kingston jamaica
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    What, more soil thus more stretch (growth) do you mean?

    New PC Build coming soon

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    Well this is a freaky coincidence, I didn't think anyone had been following this diary so hadn't been updating but tonight I thought it had been a while so I should maybe say something - great minds think alike in terms of thread activitiy I guess.

    Hope you're both keeping well! The key update for the thread is that I had some travel plans change in Jan and sadly chose to give up on the NL. I'm such a lightweight I still have loads and so I haven't actualy started another one yet but my kit is there for when I feel the need!

    In terms of bushiness etc, mate there's so many variables I think it's always going to be more of a wresting match than a 'dialing in' process when you're doing one plant at a time but that's meant to be half the fun right? Margins for error are relatively higher doing this of course but for me at least they"ve been well manageable

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    I'm subbed mate, I'm just not the biggest talker
    I'd also assume strain is a big factor in size. I've experimented with pot sizes and my 8ltr pots give me plants I can manage, where I the 11ltrs seem to give me monsters every time lol. Just had to supercrop a main stem on mine as it hit the lights : /

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