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Thread: Bully boy creditors

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    Default Bully boy creditors

    I really shouldn't find dealing with creditors so fun but I can't help enjoy being a cocky twat having an "intimidating" bloke giving me the big I am thinking he can intimidate me and my partner into paying money we don't have. Sorry mate but you can stop shouting down the phone to me when I am trying to make a fair payment. You can stop threatening property warrents and arrest warrents. You are being recorded and I will take you to court. Needless to say he accepted my offer after a week. Twat!! Time for a spliff.

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    Tell him to bog off. If you have mental health problems you are exempt from bailiffs or collection agents calling. But you have to have a qualifying illness and take medication for it as far as I am aware.

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    Yea they are grim them fuckers .had a run in with one . After forgeting to pay a 47$ internet bill 10 years prior . They coudlnt prove the debt by supplilying me with a bill or ajy document . I told them to bring me to court .... the calls ended right then and there .

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