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Thread: Invisible Sun ISH265 PRO Kit Samsung LM301B

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    Default Invisible Sun ISH265 PRO Kit Samsung LM301B

    Speed up your harvest, increase flower density and improve results with the ISH265 Pro Kit. Ideal for full cycle in spaces up to 3ftx3ft or 4x4 for Vegging. The ISH265 pro uses Samsung LM301B Diffused White Light Diodes which are our most popular and for good reason. They give a superb spectrum, providing consistent results time and again whilst giving excellent value for money.

    Our UK manufactured lighting modules run at easy to manage temperatures and will provide year after year of consistent high performance. Super energy efficient and giving a far broader spectrum of diffused light to increase canopy penetration. Experience increased yield, density, terpene production and flavonoids.

    Invisible Sun LED use only the highest quality components. Manufactured in the UK and using our unique combination combination of the very latest Samsung and Osram chipsets driven by Meanwell power.

    Save on energy and time whilst speeding up and improving your flower production. All our products are covered by our no quibble guarantee with warranty coverage up to 7 years.

    The ISH265 Pro produces extremely impressive results for such a small light. Expect between 1 - 2 grams per watt return. The light is the equivalent to 500w of HID lighting.

    Benefits and Features :

    . Experience faster harvests, denser fruits with the Samsung LM301B Full spectrum diffused white light LED from Invisible Sun.
    . Improved canopy penetration for denser fruits lower down and higher yields.
    . Runs cooler than HPS which improves environmental control.
    . Reduced electricity costs with higher GPW ratio
    . CE certified
    . UK Manufactured

    Please click the link to view the product on the website:

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