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    Hi everyone,

    in our kitchen we are making a CBD distillate using a short path distillation system. So far it worked great. We have made it using ethanol and got crystal clear distillate out with nice smell. When we switched to isopropyl alcohol the distillate became darker and stinks at the end. The short path does not separate the tepenes anymore. So the green brownish, slimy and stinky terpene fluid is not comming out anymore.

    Does anybody have an idea if this could be isopropanol, or any other idea why our distillate stinks at the end?


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    Sounds like it's the ISO that is causing your issue...

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    I know this won't help you but with what you're doing can you make clear vape juice? but thc not cbd? Had it before and wondered whether or not it was thc as I'd never seen clear before

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