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Thread: best strains for yield + high cannabinoid profiles?

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    Default best strains for yield + high cannabinoid profiles?

    Hello all.

    I have a relative who was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease around 10 years ago, and they have decided that they want to try using medicinal oil to treat, or at least dull the effects of the disease as the pharmaceuticals are taking their toll!

    i am a semi-experienced grower so have told them that i will produce the material for them, as they aren't particularly enthralled at the prospect of growing 'drugs' in their house
    it will be a 2m2 tent with a 4 plant scrog,25l pots and a 8-12 week veg dependant on the strain, all organic.

    the questions i am in need of answers for is...

    What would you say is the best strain for yield per m2, whilst still retaining the right thc/cbd levels?
    have you any experience growing said strain?
    if so did you notice any flaws/weaknesses?

    thank you all in advance,any help would be much appreciated.



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    Here is A good thread on how to make RSO caps. there are many more.

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    Have a look at Green Flower Media, and look up "John Malanca".

    Really sorry your relative is going through that, but you're an absolute hero for doing it for them. This is between yourselves but they must totally keep their lips sealed, "No Smell, No Sell, No Tell".

    I have had great results with Dinamed's Purple Orange, it's a good healthy plant that yielded quite well. THC:CBD is 1:2. Mine revegged and I got 2 life cycles out of one seed.

    I have tried some other strains and it could be my set up but can't say that they have been big yielders. We have had a forum member who grow a CBD Cream & Cheese by Seedsman that grew monstrously huge. That is a 1:1 strain.

    One idea is to have a strain that is a Sativa dom for day time use, a Indica dom for night time use, one hybrid high in THC, and one hybrid High in CBD strain to piggy back with the other 2 when they need a little boost in their buds. This is just my idea and a different approach might work better for you.

    Hope you find the right strain(s).
    Fight for your health.
    Hug those who care about you, do all you can for those you love (if they want it). We just never know when it might be the last time we talk to them or see them.

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