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Thread: Plants not looking good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbitual View Post
    It seemed quite soily to me, but I didn't like to ask.
    That's what I was thinking... it also seems water logged
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    Default Plants not looking good.

    Quote Originally Posted by M_C View Post
    What coco are you using?
    Im using canna coco pro.. think i over watered them early on pal. I waited until i see some roots at bottom of pot and then gave them a drenching but you know what its like. I suppose i over done them without them seying out.

    Oh and also to weak of a feed.

    Think ill go back to canna a&b for veg. Dont fix what aint broke lol.

    Fml im keeping one back as a mother as i dont like the look of these now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Herbitual View Post
    It seemed quite soily to me, but I didn't like to ask.
    Defo not soil pal. Canna coco pro
    Made me realise to keep things in check lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Easy-T View Post
    It's an easy mistake with the canna range of media, I went the other week picked a bag of what I thought was coco, got home and it was the tetra, had to drive all the way back

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    Haha can see how easy its done easy. I just fuced them by over watering and low feed strength along with my humidifier blazing full pelt which makes the pots take even longer to dry out and then mad man tom comes in after work and just keeps smashing them with feed haha.

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