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Thread: loft u value ??? what does it mean

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    Default Answered: loft u value ??? what does it mean

    I did a calculator of what my loft has.. and i grt a 0.63 u rating.
    My loft is 12msquared or roof area 21msquared

    I cant figure out or find a calculator that tells me anything i wana know...
    I wantbto figure out if my tent is in that room if 0.63u insulation is enough to maintain temps

    Eg i draw air from my house but in winter when its -2 and summer 40 in my loft .
    I have insulated with rockwool and plasterboards to a thermal rating of 0.63
    What temp will it be in my loft in winter and summer

    Wana work this out tonsee how stable it will be and what i need to do to make it perfect if i cant cope still

  2. "I have never been able to figure this out. I find it easier to monitor and adjust as the grow goes along."

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    I have never been able to figure this out. I find it easier to monitor and adjust as the grow goes along.

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