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Thread: Lights for veg and flower

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    Default Lights for veg and flower

    i guys,

    So I have my 4 plants(5th one just coming out of coco) in 1.2x1.2x2.0m tent, over 1 week old now .

    They are under 600w HPS black lumii light all brand new, got also air cooled hood as temps are killing them.

    I want my grow to go as smooth as possible and girls to grow nice.

    I heard different opinions on lights during veg and flower.

    Just wanted to ask you guys as I got some money to buy a light but it have to be with E40 fitting, what light would you recommend for veg stage? Or should I stay with lumii light?

    I am worried that 600w HPS Dual Spectrum is a bit too much for them and is not giving them full benefits of the blue spectrum light.

    Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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    I'd recommend a good 600w mh if the ballast is compatible but having seen one on next to even a 260w qb I'd now no longer even consider wasting that much electricity. Mine came down immediately.

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