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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Both have to subjected to disinformation attacks, but I understand the disacreditation attempt based on the names mentioned.

    It doesn't mean what they write is wrong though. The PCR testing piece, like most of their work, is well put together and worth a read if interested. At least they provide the links to the source claims.

    I use it in an effort to develop an evidence based, questioning mind. It takes a lot of effort

    All good fun.

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    I read the economist which is hardly a conspiracy rag and they keep tabs on George Soros. They love him because they're big on the open society movement they have their own newsletter they put out. George Soros funds demonstrations and riots all over the world, he partnered with MasterCard to give all the migrants coming up from South America $500 MasterCards. That's why they were storming our borders a few years ago, I suspect he might have given them $500 a piece which was why we had so many children kidnapped and brought up.

    I was listening to the frontline demonstrators during the occupy movement about how they were fighting the Sorros crowd for control and they lost. The globalists, the Davos crowd, want to control the dialogue, that's what I don't like about Gates. He's run tabletop exercises on how to control the dialogue and if you look at the way social media responded to this Corona virus it's clear they were successful.

    If you watch carefully, the Davos crowd will destroy any populism that pops up whenever they can and the funny thing is if you look at science there's a big dichotomy between Eastern science and Western science. So it becomes very hard even to trust their footnotes and their references. At least without going and looking at eastern science, I like the University in Kobe Japan. I find they can do a pretty objective balance between East and West.


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