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Thread: led brand

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    Quote Originally Posted by redisiel View Post
    Buy cheap buy twice mate
    I second that. Mine is a last generation blurple lamp, diodes are from Philips and the assembly is done in the UK. Not cheap, but also been totally reliable for a little more than my time here and is still doing fine. It's made by Cropmaster, formerly Budmaster.

    There are other lamps out there that kick its butt now, but it works fine and I am sticking with it for a while still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ferdew View Post
    ok nice say you are using 2000 w leds? which ones are you using?
    Bestva brand, full spectrum with Veg/bloom switches (though I leave both on all the time) they were about $220 US ea. The smallest Bestva makes is 1000W w/veg/bloom @ $115 US. My plants are almost 4 weeks into bloom, and to date I've only had about 10 total leaves yellow and die on all 4 plants combined. Theses LED's rock!

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