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Thread: Help - hydroponic seedling almost dead :(:(:(

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    Default Help - hydroponic seedling almost dead :(:(:(

    Hello everyone. New here. New to cannabis in fact. So I thought I would try and grow some cannabis hydroponically, or maybe at least in part aquaponically as I have some fish tanks. You can see my setup below - a big fish food container for the res, a bubbler in it. Plant is sitting in a net cup, hydroton in the net cup to try and keep lights from the roots, tape around the net cup where it meets the lid of the res for the same reason.

    Plant seemed to be doing great at first. I believe I used pure distilled water at the beginning.

    Then it got a little brown on its leaves. I figured it needed to be fed.

    So I switched out the distilled water for aquarium water. Lots of nitrates and phosphates I figured.

    Seemed to get worse.

    I figured it might need potassium, so I crushed a little potassium (mineral for human consumption) pill and put just a bit in there.

    Seemed to get worse.

    Recently, I dumped out the water, added about 70% tank water, 30% distilled water, a wwwweeeee little bit of potassium pill, some epsom salt (magnesium), and some crushed coral. Don't know how that will turn out but I do not have high hopes.

    Any idea what the problem is? You can see its SO BAD I have no idea. I'm also moving it from under the bright lights below which you see (which are all 3 true 100 watt LEDs) to the lights you see it under below now (which are like 100w equivalent LEDs, 9w each I think, but grow lights). Figured maybe she was getting light burned, but I doubt it as when I measure the lumens under those bright lights with my phone I can't really get a reading higher than a cloudy day outside. But I have no clue at this point.

    I am all ears for any suggestions on how I might fix this. FYI, I have GH flora trio on the way, as well as Calimagic, to try and fix it, but I don't think those will come until next week, might be too late.

    Thanks for any help!!!

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    From what I gather there’s no proper nutrients for the system your trying to run, there’s no mention of ph.
    Ate there fish in the tank, if so it’s a whole new ball game because we’re dealing with a lot of microbiology also ?
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    The fish waste may not be sufficient in the nutrients the plant needs or it’s burning the seedling. There are too many lights for sure. I’ve used 1 bulb for 10 seedlings no issues. I would throw it in coco and do a very light feeding from there. 300ppm when you get your nutes.

    By the looks of it. It may take a while to recover. Keep us posted.

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