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Thread: The Top 10 Pro-Cannabis Celebrities Who You Need to Know!

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    Lightbulb The Top 10 Pro-Cannabis Celebrities Who You Need to Know!

    Have you ever wondered if your favorite celebrities toke up on their couches just the way we do? There are many famous people out there who use their public platforms to show that smoking weed is a totally normal thing to do! Many of them actively try to move the conversation around cannabis in a positive direction by participating in cannabis-related business ventures or politics. Let’s find out who some of these heroes are:

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    Pretty much the same bunch that try to lecture to us about how to live our lives, who & what to vote for & where to donate.

    Nah, I'm through with these, 'celebrities' - a plague on all their houses!
    "The purpose of our lives is to be happy."
    (Dalai Lama)

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