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Thread: looking for a little guidance and or advice from experienced hydro farmers!

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    Default looking for a little guidance and or advice from experienced hydro farmers!

    Hei guys!

    so, im setting up a grow room while my little babys are sprouting in their incubator! does anyone here have any tips or dos and don't that you've experienced?.... im educating my self by reading things online and noting it down, but nothing will come close to speaking to experienced growers, im a total virgin to this.
    i have a few, what feels like stupid questions to ask, such as:
    ive got a small blue oxygen ball, what do i attach it too? do i need air stone in every bucket?
    i have an RVC SILETO 200E2 G.A.S fan it blows air , so is this just an intake fan not an extractor? how do i extract?

    also making notes on readings, though i had it but then cf and ce readings just fried my brain, or is cf and ce the same thing depending where you live!?
    any help would be appreciated Thankyou

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    Fan will be intake or outtake depending what way you put it, eg if you want extraction turn it so pull air from room. (Make sure u have filter)

    You will need air stone in every bucket with plant in, you’ll need to connect it to air pump, they come in all sizes and outputs,bigger is better. you might need chiller to keep temps down in pots depending on set up.

    I check my EC/PPM, water temp, and PH. Ph is the one that always gets me just trying to keep it at right levels. Practise makes perfect.

    Loads of info on here which will see you right, and a wealth of experienced growers helped me loads.

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    Andymac has some good guidance, the reason you check water level, EC or PPM/TDS and pH is they will guide you on how much you need to feed. pH will remain stable at proper feed levels.

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