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Thread: It's happened AGAIN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbitual View Post
    Well, sure, but a one-size approach makes no allowance for the what's in the water you're using - if simply only for calcium and magnesium?
    I dunno how it works regarding that. I just know I feed mine dechlorinated desalinated sea water and they grow well. Cant drink the stuff, but the soil life love it.

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    Out of curiosity, when they start to flower, do you also change the nutes right there and then, from Grow to Bloom?

    Is there blurb on the nute bottles to say give then plants half grow half bloom for X number of weeks?

    I read on here once upon a time that some have been advised to give the plants a little transitional phase once flowering starts. So am just wondering if you do that or something else?
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    Hey Val,

    Personally, yeah, I definitely phase bloom nutes in. It's rarely one or the other for me (every situation, strain, environment, water, tent, grower, training method, light, etc, etc, etc is different) so there can't be a perfect answer, but broadly, yes, I phase bloom nutes in and grow nutes out as the plant progresses but always have a bottle of grow handy to supplement the N, slightly, all through flower. I still don't have it right and still regularly screw shit up by not feeding in the right's tricky in soil...("You're only as good as your sixth water from last") but it is something I'd advocate.
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    So here we are, 7 days later and in a right shit state...To be honest,not sure if Im even going to be able to get her through to harvest. Just to mention, she's only ever been fed 2-3 times i think.

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