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    If any information here is wrong PLEASE correct me in a constructive manner

    Are you tired of getting your autoflower seeds only to find they dont auto?

    Yeah me too!

    So I'm looking into breeding autoflowers on a small scale and thought I'd start this for anyone else interested.

    From what I gather, it happens because the strain isnt stable for the Autflowering gene. But how does someone stabilise it?

    Well when you cross 2 plants, the genes are divided between the offspring. If you start with stable autoflowers, that have been bred to have the autoflower gene stabilised you'll get autoflowering seeds.

    If however theres an Autoflower you want to keep some traits of bred with a Photoperiod strain, things differ.

    I think the Photoperiod gene would be dominant here all the seeds you grow from this (F1) would be Photoperiod seeds. However, the autoflower gene is still in there among the gene pool.

    If you take the best male, and best female plant from this stock of F1s and cross them, you should end up with about 25% True to the parents 50% hybrid and 25% that autoflower.

    If you then cross the best male auto and best female auto from this stock of F2 seeds, you should end up with 100% Autoflowering seeds.

    What I dont understand is.....

    If the strain is stable so 2 plants are grown out, then 1 is feminized to produce female pollen that pollinates the second plant, as there is zero Photoperiod Genes present, how is it possible for a seedbank to sell feminized autoflowers that dont autoflower? They're selling F2 seeds surely?

    Or have I missed something?

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