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Thread: Weed and running /mountainbiking

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    Default Weed and running /mountainbiking

    I like to do hill running and I was Interested in the benefits, read stuff about how weed is good for you to use before you run. It helps to take your mind off the distance ahead and just chill. I prefer to not have any weed at all before running but after a long race it really chills me out and I believe it helps my body recover. One thing I’ve noticed anyway is that vaping weed or even smoking it pure occasionally, does not harm my lungs at all when it comes to running. It is also very good for mountainbiking, totally kills the lactic acid which means you can do much longer distance. Is anyone else using weed for sporting activities? I know loads of skiers and snowboarders who do, personally It’s usually an end of activity ritual for me. Helps me calm down

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    I do long distance walking 100k in 24 hours. I use it when I start to flag. I think this risk with running or biking would be safety but for endurance and pain it would definitely halp

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