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    Default Plant pot question

    My last few grows iv done in small plant pots think 6 liter pots. Can mpving from 18 liter pots dramaticly decrese yields. I only done it to use less medium as the plants i would get from both pot sizes would be roughly same im thinking of going bk to 18 liter after getting only 12 oz off 4 plants or is that a tidy yield

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    6 litre pots are okay and 12oz is a decent yield but with bigger pots and a longer veg time (depending if you have the space for bigger plants) would definately increase yield. topping and some low stress training would help keep plant height down if space is a problem.

    Usual rule of thumb would be bigger pots= bigger root system = bigger yields. But of course a longer veg time would be needed to gain full use of the bigger pots.

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    Ive seen some guys on here get some banging yields from smaller pots but theoretically, bigger the pot bigger the roots bigger the flower. I suppose it’s down to how dialled in your groom is

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