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Thread: Growing Cannabis In The Woods

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    Lightbulb Growing Cannabis In The Woods

    Many growers do not have the opportunity to cultivate cannabis indoors or outdoors on their own property. The reasons can be different, from a lack of space or nosey neighbors, to the regulations and law enforcement in their jurisdiction or country. For cases like this, we have prepared a guide to growing cannabis in a safer, more discreet area – the woods:

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    Man i had a go at this and it seems that deer are hungry for it they ate soo much it was barely worth my time... A mate of mine recommended to bottle up some pee and spread it around the grow site he thinks the scent would have kept the deer away but i never tried it, i didnt fancy the logistics carrying bottles of urine up there with me!
    Bad gardener
    Good smoker
    Lets change that

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    Recently there been too many police and drones in the wilderness looking for people exercising. Very bad year for guerilla grows imho

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