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    Default 2Fast 2Vast Auto

    I’ve read both good and bad reviews of these but decided to give them a go.

    2-3 weeks into flower and they are looking really good. I never believe the growers time estimates and I wouldn’t say they are fast but I did start them outside and only put them in the tent when they started to flower.

    I planted in the same pots as they will have all the way through and haven't done anything other than super crop two that were stretching a bit.

    I’d guess I’m looking at 12 weeks from germination to harvest.

    Will keep you informed.

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    I've only grown the vast and fast, I found it to be kind of an average strain compared to today's autos. But when it came out it was really a big yielder for a lot of people.

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    I’ve got 2 fast 2 vast on the go now. It’s my first grow but I’m enjoying it and hopefully they will yield enough for me. I’m about 5 weeks into it and flowering is really starting to take off.

    Post some pictures I’d be interested in seeing how they look.

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