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Thread: HELP PLEASE - plants not drinking water 3 weeks from harvest

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    Default Unanswered: HELP PLEASE - plants not drinking water 3 weeks from harvest

    Hi, I need your help please. My Northern Lights (indica) plants have stopped drinking water 3 weeks from harvest (its 2.5 weeks away now). The leaves are also all turning yellow (they look much yellower than the pics show). It is taking them 6-7 days or longer to dry out. I flushed them two days ago, and that was 5 days after their last watering and they were still very wet. I am going to leave them until they completely dry and give them a small amount of water - if they manage to recover.
    This happened during my last grow, but it was due to heat stress I believe and due to the LED lights being too close to the buds - the leaves ended up all getting burnt/brown look and some fox tails grew on the buds. The plants just stopped drinking water and the buds would not mature anymore. That was during very hot summer, now I am growing in Autumn and it is cooler. I have had two very successful grows before that and they were in summer when it was hot. I have been so careful with this grow after the last time, and I have no idea what could have caused this.
    I've researched the issue and can't come up with anything, except to flush the plants (done) and only give them a little water in future. I was wondering if some pathogen may have got into my tent that is causing these issues, as I was surprised when it happened the last time after never having an issue before.

    - Watering - I had been giving them 1 litre of water every 4-5 days (when they dried) and they're in about 5 litre pots
    - Nutrients - organic - used Professor's Organic nutrients, and Bio Vega at the start. Also used compost teas and Great White mycorrhizae.
    - Temperature - 24-29 degrees celscius. Warm, but I've grown in much hotter conditions with no issues.
    - Lightning - probably been a bit too cautious and kept it around 20 inches away from the plants (I've moved it to 16 inches now). They are a bit small due to that.
    - Humidity - around 50%
    - Roots - I took one plant out and they are white and healthy. They fill the pot but are not root bound.
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    Have you tried feeding recently? I'm just wondering if the plant is being selective and waiting for nutrients rather than water.

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    It's fairly common for the leaves to start dying off from the bottom up as they near harvest, particularly Indica. Let em dry out a bit more, then a little nitrogen might help, but don't give too much. If you're only a couple weeks from chop. I wouldn't worry too much.

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    Try a little dissolved molasses in the water?

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    How big are the pots?

    I'm putting a litre through a 2L Pepsi bottle every other day at the moment, for example. LOLS.
    I'd love to do it and you know you've always had it coming

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