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Thread: Help/advice needed biobizz coco

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    Default Help/advice needed biobizz coco

    hi guys I’m new to all this only on my second grow with my first being a 50% failure. I’ve gone for biobizz coco as I have the biobizz nutrients line and it says on their site these nutes are compatible. After doing some research I’ve found that some people say biobizz nutes don’t work in coco but me having biobizz branded coco and the feed chart saying the only extra thing il need is biobizz acti-vera has got me a little confused. I have messaged biobizz directly but no responses just yet. I have 2 options which I need a little advice on
    1- go for it and try an all biobizz coco grow with biobizz nutes
    2- I have some all mix and light mix by biobizz so I could mix this in with the coco making it a majority soil medium this making sure the nutes will be compatible
    3- scrap coco all together and just continue with soil

    any advice/tips are appreciated I’ve researched so much the last few days but nothing solid on biobizz coco as it seems it’s not a widely used medium.
    Thank you

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    Scrap the soil, buy some coco nutes and crack on

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    Dinafem recommend a 70/30% soil/coco mix for their seeds. I have tried this before and it worked but it was definitely more luck than judgement. Since it’s only your 2nd grow, I’d probably say you’d be better going one way or the other... soil OR coco.

    Sooo... you’ve got nutrients for mud... and you’ve got mud... might as well mud it up mate!

    Coco is way better tho! Depends if ya wanna spend a few quid on Nutes and stuff.

    The decision is yours!

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    I've done 4 grows with bio biz dirt and nutes, only problem I find is deficiencies are slow to show and take time to correct and with autos time is in short supply. (I like a challenge)
    So much to learn, so little time to learn it

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    60% biobizz light mix, and 40% coco...never fails. A little #ecothrive charge to deal with nutes is fine and biosys for the fungal and microbe activity

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