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Thread: First grow - 8 autos at 4 & 5 weeks - need a little bit of advice please

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    Default First grow - 8 autos at 4 & 5 weeks - need a little bit of advice please

    Hi everyone,

    My first grow and looking for a little advice....

    I have 8 autoflowers 4 at 5 weeks and 4 at 4 weeks, have made some mistakes along the way - stretch from seedling (all germinated in jiffy pots in a heated incubator) to re-potting from jiffy to 22L air pots with rubbish co-ordination and a now wonky plant, despite all that I'm quite happy so far with the progress - the ladies are growing in and indoor tent 1.2m.

    I'm currently having trouble with my crystal meth auto, I'm not sure if she is too close to the lights as she is taller than the others or if I have some sort of deficiency. Her leaves seem to be a little limp with puckering at the edges. I've turned the intensity of the lights down to 60% from 70% and raised them up slightly and she did look healthier yesterday, but today she is looking sad again. Not having much info on the lights hasn’t helped and they generate a lot more heat than you would think for LED. I did have temp issues last week but nothing above 30. My watering cycle is a little unscheduled as I’m trying to not over water them and I try to wait for the soil to look dry and then watering until I get run off, they seem to drink a lot before run off even begins so any advice in this area also would be great. I ph my water to around 6.5. My other 6 are looking good so far, I will attach pics so you can see them all. All and any advice greatly appreciated.

    Soil or hydro or coco: Soil

    Strain: Crystal Meth

    Photo or Auto: Auto

    plant age: 5 weeks 1 day

    pot size: 22 Litre

    has it been repotted? and when?: Potted in 22l after germination in jiffy

    soil type: B&Q Multipurpos

    nutes or additives used and how often for soil: Bio bizz grow added once

    Air temps (max min): 21 - 28

    Res temps (max min): ?

    humidity: 40 - 70

    lighting type and wattage (hps, led, cfl): Maxibright Daylight LED 660W

    Light schedule: 18/6

    ph level: 6.5 slightly variable
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm not really seeing a huge issue... but the pics aren't so great eather

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    photography is not my strong point. I was just trying to get the leaves to show what I mean

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    Perhaps a touch too much Nitrogen (dark leaves, tips wrinkly and clawing) but nothing serious. Other than that they are looking good to me.
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