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Thread: Have you made CBD edibles?

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    Default Have you made CBD edibles?

    Hi guys and gals

    Have you ever made cbd edibles from growing a cbd plant?

    I see folks on youtube making canna infused coconut oil from cbd flower and then using that to make edibles.

    My wife has been suffering from chronic pain and fibromyalgia for over 10 years and she doesn't want the high feels from thc edibles, she despise smoke and vape.

    She has been using high quality extract cbd oil tinctures which seems to help with her anxiety and pains, but it's just too expensive!

    I wonder if anyone has made cbd edibles or even made extracted cbd oil tinctures from your own grown cbd flower and if so, has it helped you with any medical conditions?


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    I used to make a lot of butter as a base for the edibles that I would make for my wife. It ended up taking a lot of my time, but it does save you good money. These days I buy the edibles for her in the state run stores.

    I bought a little alcohol distiller, it's actually a modified water distiller. So I make tinctures using ethanol, I prefer everclear. I will wash several ounces of weed using about a pint of everclear for about 30 g of fresh frozen crumbled flowers. I will filter that twice just using coffee filters and then pour it into my distiller and distill it down to whatever thickness or strength it is that I want.

    I always keep my tinctures down in the bottom of my fridge ready to go and if I need butter, I can put the tinctures back into my water distiller with some butter and it will distill out the alcohol but leave the butter behind and it will be infused with the cannabinoids. At least that was the process I used to use before I started buying candies at the state store.

    When my wife first decided she wanted the edibles I used to make my butter by taking 8 lb of weed putting it in a pot with 8 and 1/2 lb of butter and just putting it on a low boil for a couple hours, then I would filter out all the weed with cheesecloth and screens and I would get about 8 lb of butter. There's always a certain amount of waste when you're using different utensils and that kind of stuff. they ended up changing the law around here and now if you have 8 lb of butter they consider that the same as 8 lb of weed. I'm only allowed 2 lb of weed, but I'm allowed a whole bunch of cannabis infused liquids. That's my main reason for keeping tinctures.

    Here's a thread on how I make my tinctures


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    Jingo covered it pretty much

    I like edibles from time to time, after harvest i keep the popcorn and sugar leaves. But for recreational purposes and brain killing my friends lol.

    So i take 50 grams of hq trim to about 100g butter, ban-marie if possible (h/e u spell it) or low simmer, 6 hours, keep stirring, dont let dry. Add water if needed every 30 mins - 1 hour.

    5-6 hours cook and i get the most potent shit ever..


    Folks here told me i should crush and grind my dry trim, put on pargement paper inthe oven 115c / 45 mins i reckon and it done.

    I think @hotshot said that not suretho...

    Current grow

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    Never made CBD edibles, but I have made marijuana edibles and I assume the process is the same.
    Are you trying to save money by growing your own?

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    A friend of mine let me taste some quince jellies CBD that he made himself. It was very good !

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