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Thread: HELP!! What's up with my plants? DWC

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    Exclamation HELP!! What's up with my plants? DWC

    Hi, First timer here. On Day 37 from seed, topped at 3rd node 4 days ago, PH 6.0, PPM 540, water temp 22 degrees Celsius, RH 50%, Room temp 23-30 Celsius. From what I've read so far it looks like it could be PH Fluctuations but PH hasn't gone below 5.7 or above 6.3 for about the past 2 weeks, and spots only appeared on these leaves in the past few days (but lower leaves also had similar markings). Could it be nutrient burn? Or lack of a certain nutrient? Or too warm water temps?

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    looks like this. copied from a web page but it says its common in hydro

    Symptoms of Deficiency

    If your plant is not taking in enough phosphorus, its growth will slow down, and it will generally appear frailer and lacking life. The initial symptoms of a phosphorus deficiency are darkening foliage and slowing growth. The leaves’ edges on your cannabis plant will lose their vibrant green color – they may even turn brown – and will start to curl in. Other plant parts like petioles will also darken, possibly becoming more blue or red., but it also adds structural strength to the roots and stems of the plant.

    These symptoms are more likely to appear during the coldest days of the growing season since this is the time when marijuana plants often have the most difficult time absorbing phosphorus from the soil. In addition to the cold, if the soil is too wet or too alkaline, the same problems will occur.

    How to treat it

    A greater infusion of phosphorus may be necessary during times of the colder temperatures. You can buy fertilizers and plant foods containing a higher ratio of phosphorus than whatever you were using before. As long as the N-P-K ratio exceeds 5, the substance will be helpful for your plant’s phosphorus deficiency. Fertilizers developed explicitly for the flowering phase work well, as does bat guano. Water-soluble fertilizers will be your best option for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

    There are also certain all-purpose plant foods (Miracle-gro, for example) that could work just as well. If you use them, you will need to use only half of how much is recommended on the package – an overdose could be lethal for your plants.

    Bone meal, worm castings, and bat guano also provide quite a bit of phosphorus. A harder-to-find solution would be crab shell or crab meal. Many growers use this for any problem that comes up with their plants, but it has a special ability to help with phosphorus deficiencies. Results should be evident within a week.

    Potassium deficiencies are relatively common in the world of marijuana growing. This is because, with most fertilizers, potassium occurs in the lowest ratios. Compared to the other macronutrients, less potassium is required by the plant.

    However, just like the other two nutrients of the primary three, potassium is vital for your plant to function properly. Potassium is primarily responsible for your plant’s water respiration and resistance of most diseases. Not only that, but it also is helpful in the photosynthesis production and conversion processes. Finally, potassium assists in the water circulation, helping to move water through the entirety of your plant, making it especially important for the flowering and vegetative phases.

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    Water temperature is on the high side
    Whats the ppm in ec ? And what's your background ec ?
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    I had something similar first time I grew rdwc due to ph well I think it was ph once I set and kept it at 5.8 it stopped I cant comment on water temp as I kept mine constant 18 with benificials
    Is the ec stable.droping.rising and how do the roots look as said 22 a little high

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    Looks like Cal Mag def. Had this before myself and dosed them up and problems went away.

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