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Thread: Norseman’s Review on the VapCap M 2020 Starter Kit from DynaVap

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    Default Norseman’s Review on the VapCap M 2020 Starter Kit from DynaVap

    Norseman’s Review on the VapCap M 2020 Starter Kit from DynaVap
    I received this VapCap M Starter Kit free of charge directly from DynaVap for the purpose of this review. Regardless of this, it will not color my opinion on this review in any way, shape or form. I would also like to thank DynaVap for sending this over.
    Another thing I would like to say is that I have used it with medical cannabis only since anything else is forbidden where I live.


    This comes in a lime green plastic ziplock bag with a window on it where you can see all the different stuff that comes with the Starter Kit. It has the DynaVap logo printed on it.

    The M itself resides in a recyclable cardboard box with DynaVap and made in the USA printed on the front. On the inside it says ”This Is Your Key To The Future” and ”Welcome To Battery Freedom”.

    The VapCap M 2020

    It is a 5-piece Vaporizer for dry herb made out of medical grade stainless steel with some nice machining done to it. It is 92 mm in length and 10 mm in diameter. It is basically in the size of a cigarette but has nothing to do with tobacco. If you ask me the overall look of it is really nice.

    The 5 pieces is the Tip where you load the dry herb, the Screen that goes into the Tip, the Condenser that goes into the Stem, the Stem and finally the Cap that sits on top of the Tip.
    The Screen can be positioned in two places in the Tip, at the top of the Tip and in that position it can hold around 0.05 gram of dry herb and in the lower position it can hold around 0.1 gram of dry herb. When used in the 0.05 setting it is called ”Micro Dosing” and it is really the perfect position for people like me that uses Dry Herb to get rid of unwanted pain and not the high.

    To load the M you just grind some Bud up or you just take a few pieces directly from the Bud and put it into the Tip. Too fine ground up material might go through the Screen and into the Condenser so make sure to avoid getting the material to fine. Using a Grinder is a good way of getting the material into the proper size. The piece that sticks out on the cap can be used as a scoop to get the used dry herb out of the tip and you can also use it to pack the herb.

    To ensure some clouds while using it I would recommend that you pack the material into the Tipl somewhat, that way you will get the best result. It comes with a three flame torch in this Starter Kit and when you are outside I would say that it is perfect, but indoors I would rather recommend a single flame torch to get the best result. Using a single flame torch will give you a real nice result but it takes a little more time to heat the material up.

    When you are heating it up I would recommend you to try to keep the flame/flames in an angled position towards the Cap while rotating the VapCap M. Heat the top of the Cap for flavor and the base of the Cap for more potency.

    Be careful with the flames and keep them maybe one inch away from the Cap in order to avoid charing the Dry Herb. Stop heating it up when you hear one or two ”Clicks”. At that point you go ahead and vape on it and when you hear the next one or two ”Clicks” you can repeat the heating procedure. The ”Click” I am talking about is the metal in the Cap that reacts to heat and it makes the click at a certain temperature and it is working like a charm.

    The air holes or should I perhaps say ”Chisal AirPorts” are located in the middle of the Stem and only on one side of it and they are used to adjust the air flow by blocking one or both of them with a finger while vaping. The airflow on the VapCap M is what I would say a totally unrestricted Direct Lung draw when the airports aren’t blocked and with both airports blocked it is a restricted Mouth To Lung draw. You cover one or both airports depending on your preferences, but beware, it can make a little noise when you do.

    The Kit does also come with something called the DynaStash, it is a wooden container where you can store the VapCap M and also some Dry Herb. It does also work as a stand for the VapCap M thanks to a magnet in the wood. The magnet is strong enough to hold the VapCap M standing without issues and it does also help cooling it down.

    Cleaning this device is a piece of cake thanks to the fact that you can take it apart completely. When cleaning it I have learnt that you should use some of the DynaWax on the O-rings to make them last longer.

    Since the Tip only holds 0.1 gram of Dry Herb it might be on the low side for someone that uses Dry Herb on a regular basis but since it is so easy to scoop out the used Dry Herb and load it again I would say that even the regular users will appreciate the VapCap M for its simplicity and the flavor it provides.

    For those that have an interest in using the VapCap M together with full melt concentrates there is an accessory called DynaCoil that you can use with those as well as with thick oils and liquids.


    It is the first Vaporizer for Dry Herb that I have used and I am surprised over how good it actually is. The simplicity when it comes to loading the Dry Herb and operate it is just wonderful and the fact that it works without the use of batteries is refreshing.

    The flavor from the Dry Herb does come out really good and the fact that I don’t have to use the Dry Herb with tobacco anymore is just perfect. The machining is really good and I haven’t found anything to complain about.

    I must say that I have enjoyed using the VapCap M since I got it and I will continue to use it since it provides me with what I need. Simplicity to use, simplicity to load and clean and it gives me that relief that I need due to the pain I got and of course the good flavor from the herb.

    Another thing with the VapCap M that I haven’t gone over yet is the fact that people with arthritis can easily operate it without any issues or at least less issues since it is so light, I mean it weighs only 18.5 grams and not to mention so easy to load..

    Can I recommend it to others?
    If you like me got chronic pain that opiate based painkillers can’t fix or if you just want to Vape Dry Herb recreationally I would say ” Go For It”. It is real easy to use and even if you go on a camping trip this one will work perfectly as long as you got enough Butane in your torch (no need to rely on batteries or electricity). Another pro is the price point ($125 at DynaVap for the kit), this one starts off way cheaper than the battery driven ones and when they don’t work any longer this one will still work as good as it did the first time you used it.

    No batteries needed
    Good flavor
    Looks good
    Easy to load
    Easy to adjust the airflow
    Easy to clean
    Possibility to do Micro Dosing
    Price point

    Might be a bit noisy fully open and when you start to cover the airports

    Diameter: 10 mm
    Length: 92 mm
    Weight: 18.5 gram
    Material: Medical Grade Stainless Steel

    Package includes
    1 x VapCap M 2020
    1 x Dynastash
    1 x Cyclone Triple Torch Lighter
    5 x Cotton pipe cleaners
    1 x Dynawax
    3 x High temp O-rings
    2 x Condenser O-rings
    1 x Replacement SS CCD (Screen)
    User and Care Manual

    You will find it here
    DynaVap VapCap M Starter Kit is found on DynaVaps homepage.
    I will not put any prices on the VapCap M Starter Kit in this review since the price on it might vary depending on where in the world you reside and where you buy it.

    Thanks for reading this far and Vape on!

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    They are intriguing I'll give em that

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    Have the 2018 model, great bit of kit, ended up using that more than my desktop Airizer.

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    Superb review.
    I'd love to do it and you know you've always had it coming

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    Thank you guys for the read, comments and likes.
    It is much appreciated.


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