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Thread: Canna Card

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    Quote Originally Posted by skunkybucket View Post
    The can card is not recognisable by the government and it does not entitle you to a prescription either there is no value for the card it's self as to get a prescription in the uk you will speak with the GP over video call and then your GP will have medical records ect and it has to go to the UK medicinal cannabis board were they produce your case and why you looking for medical ect then they choose to accept or decline if you get accepted then you pay pharmacy and the script is delivered to you

    Bare in mind the prescription or cancard does not really do anything just stops the law taking your prescription tubs of cannabis off you but you can still be arrested for been over the specified limit in your blood and that's set extremely low at 2ug per litre of blood I am currently taking this to court and trial and fighting this as in the UK GP,DVLA,clinics ect all say you can drive if not impaired but unfortunatly if stopped by police this is not the case
    This thread is over 3 years old fella. May want to check dates on the posts before posting yourself.

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    Yeah I know I was just adding my knowledge when I'm a prescription user and I have also looked into the canard scheme by carley aswell and weighed up everything so I just thought I'd add my thoughts due to just going i get asked on a daily basis on other platforms about canard with been a script user mate
    Also was told by my mental health worker last year that it would be available for prescription in the coming years apparently they just looking at cost effective ways apparently according to her for the NHS I just seen the medical section and seen the can card it wasnt that far down the list that's why I emeded up clicking on that matey sorry
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